ERC WORKANDHOME in the media

ERC WORKANDHOME in the media

Our research into home-based co-working has recently featured in the Guardian newspaper and in a website specialising in resources for home-based entrepreneurs.

In an article entitled Would you let strangers work at your kitchen table?, journalist Emma Sheppard investigates the rise of co-working and the emergence of co-working in homes. The article discusses some of the challenges involved in developing co-working in homes, including issues of security and trust that are raised by inviting co-workers into the home. The article also features the launch of Kitchin Table, an app which enables women to host and attend co-working groups in their homes. The founder, Laila Dupuy, aims for the app to help self-employed women to work, network and collaborate with one another.

Our research on Hoffice has been featured in the Homepreneur blog, run by Amanda Brown, a home-based entrepreneur who offers advice and resources to help people overcome the challenges of working from home. Annabelle Wilkins recently participated in a Hoffice group at Amanda’s home as part of research into the practices, social relations, materials and technologies involved in home-based co-working. In the blog post, Amanda discusses her experience of hosting Hoffice groups at her home in Hertfordshire, describing how discovering the Hoffice network has increased her focus and productivity, as well as connecting with entrepreneurs both locally and across the Hoffice network.

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