Useful links

The ESRC-funded seminar series ‘Entrepreneurship in Homes and Neighbourhoods’ led by Darja Reuschke, Colin Mason, Stephen Syrett and Maarten van Ham:

The Microbusiness Research Portal provides information on microbusinesses. This network is set up by the Office for National Statistics, Stephen Syrett (CEEDR, Middlesex University, London) and Darja Reuschke:

The European Research Council:

“Work Home”, a project on design and planning around homeworking by Frances Holliss:

Source data

Eurostat Labour Force Survey

British Household Panel Survey

The UK Household Longitudinal Study

The German Socio Economic Panel Study

UK Population Census

United States Census Bureau: Home-based business statistics in the US 2002 – 2014

IPPR Report on the value of workspaces for small businesses, entrepreneurs and artists in London (2016) 

Deskmag Global Coworking Survey 2017: 

Study on the Social Networks of the Dutch (SSND)

Study on the Social Networks of Entrepreneurs (SSNE)

Partners and collaborators

ILS Dortmund (Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development)

Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development Research (CEEDR)