darjanewDr Darja Reuschke


Darja is the Principal Investigator of the WORKANDHOME project. She is Associate Professor in Geography and Environment at the University of Southampton. The focus of her research is the neglected relationship between homelife and worklife and how it is mediated by place and space. Darja has investigated this in relation to self-employment and home-based working; housing and the built environment and migration and new mobilities.

Dr Jed Longimage22


Jed is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at the Western University, London, Ontario, Canada. His main research interest are in spatial and space-time analysis, movement data, time geography and spatial modelling.

image25Prof Dr Veronique Schutjens


Veronique is associate professor in Economic Geography at the Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning at Utrecht University, the Netherlands and holds the special chair of Ethnic Entrepreneurship at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her research interests and activities cover regional variations in entrepreneurial activity and attitude; new firm growth, survival and performance of firms and the development of (spatial) strategies during the firm life course; formal and informal entrepreneurial and firm networks; social entrepreneurship; and the neighbourhood economy.

nick_bennettNick Bennett


Nick is a Senior Research Assistant on the ERC WORKANDHOME project investigating spatial and temporal relationships of freelancers within their urban environments. This involves quantitatively analysing Twitter, Ordnance Survey and Office for National Statistics data in R.

Nick has a background in Archaeology and Computer Science and an interest in how social media data can be explored to extract new knowledge.

victoria_priceVictoria Price


Victoria is a PhD student funded by the ERC WORKANDHOME project, and a Vice Chancellor studentship awarded by the University of Southampton, supervised by Dr Darja Reuschke and Professor Peter Sunley. Her PhD project investigates the distinct growth and performance outcomes of men and women-owned home-based businesses, using advanced quantitative methods. She is particularly interested in the intersection of gender with geographical dimensions of small business growth. She has worked previously as a research assistant on the WORKANDHOME project, exploring topics such as the representation of the self-employed, co-working spaces and micro-enterprises.

Michael Fisher


Michael is a research assistant in the WORKANDHOME project based in Geography and Environment Science at the University of Southampton, supervised by Dr Darja Reuschke. He has a background in Psychology and Human Geography with emphasis on qualitative methodology. His research interests focus on the roles of place and space in the worklives of self-employed and home-based businesses.

Nick is a PhD student at the University of Southampton funded by Ordnance Survey and part of the Web and Internet Science research group. His research topic is narratives of space, specifically how dynamically changing spatial activities emerge through social media. 

Will Barnes


Will is a Research Associate on the WORKANDHOME project based in Geography and Environmental Sciences at the University of Southampton. He has a background in social and cultural geography. He investigates the spatialities of home-based self-employment and entrepreneurship using qualitative data.