Projects & work streams


The main objective of WORKANDHOME is to develop a new framework for understanding fundamental changes currently taking place to work that situates individuals as economic actors within the context of their wider life domains, household, home and neighbourhood. This is the first study that explores social, economic and spatial aspects of homeworking by self-employed workers and business owners. Home-based self-employment and businesses vividly manifest the interconnection of ‘home’ and ‘work’ and of the ‘economic’ and the ‘social’ as part of an increasingly complex society.

The five key aims are:

  • To understand the socio-economic drivers and whether existing concepts of social and population change, labour market disadvantage, inequality, wellbeing, sectoral and occupational restructuring, and changes in work organisation can explain why HBBs have increased. Read More
  • To advance knowledge of homes, housing and residential choice. Read More
  • To advance our understanding of the local embeddedness of economic action. Read More
  • To understand the socio-spatial outcomes and impacts of HBBs at different spatial scales, and assess the significance of the city and neighbourhood. Read More
  • To test new and emerging methods and data for identifying and understanding economic activity. Read More

WORKANDHOME will integrate theoretical perspectives from economic geography, entrepreneurship and small business research, sociology, economics, housing and neighbourhood studies and use a unique fusion of analytical methods and data from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Europe and globally.