Reshaping society and space: home-based self employment and business


Working in the home: alone or together



WORKANDHOME is a 5-year research project funded by the European Research Council with an ERC Starting Grant awarded to Dr Darja Reuschke from the University of Southampton (ERC-StG-2014 639403). The project started in October 2015 with partners in three countries (United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Germany).

WORKANDHOME investigates how home-based self-employment is currently reshaping societies and space. The motivation for the project is that working from home as a self-employed worker or entrepreneur is growing in importance in many countries and is a fundamental indicator of the growing complexities of modern life, where the boundaries between work and home domains are blurring. The research explores how this transformation of work has implications on the meaning of the home, cities, neighbourhoods and residential choices.

The research links economic geography, urban geography, housing studies and geoinformatics. It investigates:

Why home-based self-employment and business have increased and in what areas?

How do home-based businesses grow?

Why collaborative forms of home-working such as Hoffice or Jelly are becoming more attractive, and to whom?



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