Coworking events: Winchester Jelly and Freelance Friday

Coworking events: Winchester Jelly and Freelance Friday

As part of research into coworking and home-based businesses, Annabelle Wilkins recently participated in two coworking events in Winchester and London.

Winchester Jelly is a free event in which freelancers come together for social contact and to work alongside other  home-based workers in a friendly and supportive environment. It is held once a month at Winchester Racquets and Fitness centre, and according to the organisers, all members need to bring is ‘a computer, some work, and a willingness to chat’.

Annabelle also attended the launch of Freelance Friday at Huckletree Shoreditch, a coworking space in East London. Organised by Rebecca Collins and Caitin Liebenberg and hosted by Huckletree, Freelance Friday is a monthly coworking event where freelancers can meet, work and collaborate, with the added bonuses of yoga, coffee and snacks.

Both events revealed fascinating insights into how coworking can facilitate a sense of community and belonging among freelancers in different contexts and areas of the UK. We look forward to learning more about the future of coworking and freelance work over the coming weeks – please get in touch with the team if you are involved in coworking and would like to take part in the research.



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